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Artwork Details

My site currently uses a handful of different images. Some of them are mine, some of them aren't. Here's a list of them, and information about them!

Alakazam pixel art

Alakazam pixel art

This pixel art of the Pokémon character Alakazam is based on some of the results I saw when searching for "alakazam pixel art" on the Internet, and has the same pixel arrangement as most of the matching images I saw. I don't think the colors match any of them perfectly? I built this image myself, but as I said, it pretty well matches existing artwork. Trademarks for Pokémon and (possibly?) Alakazam belong to The Pokémon Company.

My Avatar

My avatar

I created this pixel art myself with a blurry photo of one of my old Pokémon games. Given the screen capture ability in the current handhelds, I could probably fix any inaccuracies, but I'm happy with it. The original artwork that I attempted to duplicate came from Pokémon Yellow; the original artwork, the game Pokémon Yellow, and the trademark Pokémon, all belong to The Pokémon Company.

Site Background

site background

This fun little circuit-board background is something I threw together for this site. Was kinda fun.



Hooray for Invader Zim! I'm not sure what to label this, because it sounds like Invader Zim is trademark/copyright/whatever to Nickelodeon, but I can't find out for sure what it is. This image is based on some pixel art I found on the 'net, and I don't think it perfectly matches anyone else's?


GitHub's Octocat

This is GitHub's Octocat. Downloaded direct from GitHub on their Logos and Usage page. This image belongs to GitHub, Inc.

Twitter Logo

This is Twitter's logo, downloaded from twitter's brand assets page. This image belongs to Twitter, Inc.